The Crying Shame




Arlan Lackie - Acoustic guitar, vocal, harp

Lucile - Vocals, tambourine

Eric Woodruff - Electric guitar

Teo Benson - Violin

Eric Peters - Drums

Jesse Harmonson - Bass

(When possible - Dylan Rieck - Cello)



The Crying Shame

2017 Upcoming Shows:

May 12th - Conor Byrne with Dan Tedesco (midwest) and Natalie Quist

June 24th - Slims Last Chance

August 11-13 - ShameFest in the Methow Valley - Contact us for more information


News & Updates

Jan. 09, 2016 - New video!  Here we are at Bandit Town playing a new song…watch and then share! - 

July 1, 2016 - We are currently in the studio recording new songs!  

August 11, 2016 - Subdued Stringband Jamobree in Deming, WA - full festival weekend of incredible music! We play Thursday at 8:30pm

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New Rock

by The Crying Shame

Our latest album, finished in 2013, and moving us even more into a rock and roll sound - with old country still influencing the feel but in our own way.


THe Crying Shame




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Variety of songs from various albums

by The Crying Shame

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