The Crying Shame




Arlan Lackie - Acoustic guitar, vocal, harp

Lucile - Vocals, tambourine

Eric Woodruff - Electric guitar

Teo Benson - Violin

Eric Peters - Drums

Jesse Harmonson - Bass

(When possible - Dylan Rieck - Cello)



The Crying Shame

Upcoming Shows:

August 11 2016 8:30pm - Subdued Stringband Jamboree in Deming, WA - an incredible festival weekend of great music, delicious food, fantastic people and fun acts of a wide variety.  Get out of town and soak up some time away from the hectic pace of life!





Aug. 22 2015- Sunset Taven - Seattle, WA - CD Release show for Colt Kraft Band with The Crying Shame and Lowman Palace sharing the bill. 

Aug. 28 - 2015 Conor Byrne - Seattle, WA - Going away show for Alana with a line-up that is not to be missed - will update with more details as we get them.  We are really going to miss Alana but excited for her and can't wait to visit her farm in California and play shows there!

Sept. 5-7 2015 - Bandit Town in North Fork, CA - We are very excited to play at Bandit Town over Labor Day weekend with a killer line-up of bands - follow this link to buy tickets:


News & Updates

Jan. 09, 2016 - New video!  Here we are at Bandit Town playing a new song…watch and then share! - 

July 1, 2016 - We are currently in the studio recording new songs!  

August 11, 2016 - Subdued Stringband Jamobree in Deming, WA - full festival weekend of incredible music! We play Thursday at 8:30pm

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New Rock

by The Crying Shame

Our latest album, finished in 2013, and moving us even more into a rock and roll sound - with old country still influencing the feel but in our own way.


THe Crying Shame


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Variety of songs from various albums

by The Crying Shame

Here is a sampling - to buy individual songs or full albums (including vinyl) please visit:

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